A New Era: CEO Nicolaos Kerefidis Elected as Mozambique’s Delegate in Dubai

A New Era: CEO Nicolaos Kerefidis Elected as Mozambique’s Delegate in Dubai

We are delighted to announce that our esteemed CEO, Mr. Nicolaos Kerefidis, has been inaugurated as the new delegate of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (CCM) in Dubai. This momentous swearing-in ceremony took place on Tuesday, February 21, and was led by the President of the CCM, Álvaro Massingue.

Mr. Kerefidis’ new role in the United Arab Emirates is an exciting opportunity to promote the key objectives of the CCM while highlighting Mozambique’s economic diplomacy as a premier investment hub in middle east. This responsibility carries with it the promise of strengthening relationships between Mozambique and UAE and will help to create robust trade networks that will positively impact both economies.

Álvaro Massingue, President of the CCM, expressed his optimism about Mr. Kerefidis’ appointment. He believes that under Kerefidis’ stewardship, Mozambique will emerge as a key player in the tourism, real estate, and oil and gas sectors. “We hope that the new delegate will serve as an ambassador for our brands and products, and promote our wealth in tourism, culture, arts, agricultural potential, delicious fruits, marine products, energy resources, and most importantly, the quality of labor able to embrace the challenges of a dynamic and demanding economy,” Massingue said.

This appointment marks the establishment of CCM’s 23rd delegation, a significant achievement that will provide our businessmen with a trusted network for their international trade operations.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Kerefidis assured that he would diligently uphold the position with the utmost legality and dedication. He further pledged to attract more businessmen from the Arab Emirates to Mozambique. “I promise to exercise with dedication, zeal, and loyalty the functions entrusted to me, as delegate of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, specifically in Dubai, for the mandate from 2023 to 2025. I am committed to dedicating all my energies to the accomplishment of this work, in the attainment of the objectives defined in the UAE and more,” Kerefidis stated.

As a company, we are incredibly proud of Mr. Kerefidis’ new role and have the utmost confidence in his ability to represent Mozambique and our company in the UAE. We are eager to see the new heights that Mr. Kerefidis will take us to, and we believe that this new chapter will usher in an era of strengthened partnerships, economic growth, and broader horizons for both Mozambique and our company.


Credits: https://evidencias.co.mz/2023/02/21/massingue-empossa-novo-delegado-da-ccm-no-dubai/

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